Electric Shower Service in Mansfield

Electric Shower Replacement

An electric shower draws its water from only one source. This ensures hot water is available whenever you need it. This hot water heater works independently of your hot water tank or gas boiler, so you always have hot water available when you need it.

It can be so frustrating to run out of hot water, wait for it to heat again, or worse, when your shower is half-way through and the water goes cold. An electric shower eliminates the need to wait or risk of water running out. There is no excuse for not using all of the hotwater. The cost of heating hot water multiple times and running out can be quite high.

Consider hiring professionals if you are considering replacing or installing an electric shower. They will be familiar with electrics and water.


What's included in this service?

Most faults in electric showers stem from problems with the electrical component, limescale build up, or pressure issues within an unit. Electric showers are more cost-effective and have been popularized. In an effort to prolong their life expectancy, it’s almost always cheaper to replace the entire unit than to replace any part of the unit.

This is why we offer a complimentary quote from photos to repair or replace any existing electric showers. Send us a photo to show us your shower to receive a quote.

Because electric showers offer the opportunity to save money on heating, there is growing demand for them. To install your new electric bathroom shower, you should seek out a qualified, experienced professional. Electrics on Tap, a specialist in electrical systems and with extensive experience in heating and plumbing, is your one-stop shop for all things related to installing and maintaining showers and other fixtures and fittings in the UK.

We will tell you in the easiest way possible what an electrical shower is. An electric shower, a special type of shower head, provides instant heating for the water that flows through it. Instead of heating a large amount of water and then wasting time, the electric shower heats only what you use. This is the simple explanation.

Additionally, electric showers are available in two versions: mains-fed and storage tank-fed. The mains-fed unit receives water from the mains water supply. This is the system that supplies water for all taps and devices within the building. According to the heating system schema, the storage-tank fed unit gets water from the cold storage tanks. The tank may be located in an attic. Therefore, gravity-driven shower units are required to produce the needed pressure to operate the unit. This design is best when the mains pressure is not enough to allow the shower to work.

Our experienced and friendly team can repair any type of electric shower. We also have the ability to install entire bathrooms if required. Let us handle all your heating and plumbing needs, instead of having to contract several companies.