Security Systems

Did you know the best burglars in Europe operate in the UK? An article published in the Sunday Times showed that despite most houses having security systems, home burglaries have a very high success rate. This is due to the fact that most homeowners opt for DIY installed security systems instead of hiring professionals to do the job for them.

Most security companies strongly advise against installing your own security system. This is because the home security industry evolves very quickly to counter the many techniques that burglars come up with to break into houses with advanced security systems.

So, do not make the error of installing your own security system. By doing this, you will be putting your valuables at risk and since most home invasions are violent in nature, you will be gambling with the safety of your family as well.

What Kinds Of Security Systems Can A Professional Install For Your Home?

1. Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms come in two options: an audible only burglar alarm and a monitored burglar alarm.

Audible Only (Bells Only) Alarm

In case there is a break in your house, this alarm will sound only at your property and the only way for police to respond is if a person nearby makes a call to them.

Monitored Alarm

When this kind of alarm is triggered, a signal will be sent to an alarm receiving centre through your phone line or your mobile network. The centre will then contact the police and your keyholders if you have any. This alarm type is better than the bells only option since the alarm centre can also filter out false alarms.

2. CCTV surveillance

Home CCTV systems are a must-have if you want to take your home safety to the next level. They allow you to monitor your property while at the same time acting as a deterrent to potential burglars. The cameras are weatherproof, making them ideal both for indoor and outdoor use.

Security experts agree that low visibility cameras are the best option for your home. Having flashy cameras around your property might suggest that you have valuables inside and draw unnecessary attention to it.


3. Security Lighting

Security Lights are designed to flood the outside of your house, your driveway or your garden with light whenever motion is detected. If you spend a lot of time away from home, you can have timers and lighting adapters installed that give someone the illusion that you are home

This is achieved by switching electrical appliances such as your TVs, radio and lights on and off depending on your preferred settings.

4. Smoke Alarms

I know this is the odd one out on this list. Fire is not a burglar, but home fires are responsible for a lot of deaths and injuries in the UK annually. When installing your security system, you should keep your family safe by installing a smoke alarm.

Smoke alarms will serve as the best defence by alerting you and your loved ones in case a fire breaks out in your home.

We have completed effective installations of security systems in many homes and properties in Mansfield and Nottingham. If you don’t want to be left or need an upgrade of your current security system, call us right away. We are ready to help you live in a safer and secure place.