Panel Changes in Nottingham

Every modern home in the UK has a plethora of electric appliances that make life easier in many different ways. The one thing that all these devices have in common is that they need a constant and reliable power supply to keep them running as they should.

This makes your electrical panel the most important electric installation in your home, reason being that it controls the electricity flowing to all the areas of your home.

If your electrical panel is in good condition, then all your lights and electrical appliances will work as intended, but if it is damaged in any way, then your family and your property could be at risk.

What Does Your Electric Panel Consist Of?

Your electric panel is usually housed in a grey metal box. If you look inside this box, you will see rows of switches called circuit breakers that manage the electric flow to different sections of your home. At the top of the rows of circuit breakers, you should see a large switch. This is the main circuit breaker and it controls power flow to the rest of the rest of the electric panel.

Why Would You Need To Replace Your Electric Panel?

There are a number of situations where you might need to replace your electric panel. The most common one is when your house is too old.

Because old electrical systems are not designed to handle the power requirements of modern appliances, your circuit breaker will end up breaking down a lot.

When this is the case, your electrical panel will shut down power flow as a result of appliances drawing more power than your circuit was designed to handle.

Other reasons that cause problems in your electrical panel include;

  • Water damage
  • Fraying wires
  • Lightning storms

Signs That You Need To Have Your Electrical Panel Replaced

  • Your circuit breaker is hot to the touch
  • Your circuit breaker repeatedly shuts down
  • You notice smoke coming from your electrical panel
  • There is a burning smell coming from your electrical panel
  • Sizzling noises coming from your electrical panel.

If your electrical panel displays any of these signs, you should drop everything and call your local registered electrician for an inspection.

Available Electric Panel Repair Services

Your electrician will perform a thorough inspection of your electrical panel and familiarise themselves with all the problems your panel might have. Once this is done, the following solutions will be presented to you;

  • A full panel replacement if your panel is unable to meet the electrical demands of your home
  • Relocating your panel to a safer place away from the elements.
  • Installation of additional circuits to beef up your electricity delivery
  • Replacement of frayed wires in your electrical panel
  • Replacing your circuit breakers to help increase the functionality of electric fixtures in your home.

The electrical panel in your home is an important fixture. In case you notice it acting up in any way, do not hesitate to contact your domestic electrician for an inspection.