Electrical Services Mansfield can provide additional security with outdoor lighting installations for security lights. We offer a range of security lighting solutions that can be used to illuminate your garden, including motion sensor lights.

We can install garden lighting for any purpose, whether it is for security or just to add a romantic touch to summer evenings. We also offer outdoor heaters, and the associated equipment, to help your garden feel more inviting on cold nights.

Our highly-trained and experienced team will install external lighting in your home or office.

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Electrical Services Mansfield provides the highest quality outdoor lighting and a fair price. We have seen a huge increase in outdoor lights. There are many great reasons to add outdoor lighting into your home.

It can make your property look great, no matter if it’s the front or back. Outdoor lighting is a wonderful security measure. It can decrease the possibility of burglary or theft in your home. This will ensure your family’s safety.

External electrics, however, can prove to be extremely dangerous due to moisture, dampness, and water. Extreme weather can cause equipment to deteriorate more quickly outdoors, which could make it a dangerous hazard. This work should only be done by a NICEIC certified electrician.


Because burglars are less likely get into someone’s house if they see bright lights, external security lighting can be an effective and cost-effective way to prevent them. You are also protected by security lights that allow you to see clearly, prevent you from falling or tripping if you need to go outside after dark. Insurance companies appreciate knowing that security measures are being taken to reduce the chance of a claim.

Once your security lights are installed, call your insurance company for a quote on lowering your premium. Security lights feature a motion sensor which will activate the light if there is any movement. These lights may also be controlled by a timer.

Outdoor LED security lighting is a popular choice. They are far more bright than traditional halogen lamps and have a much longer lifespan. A major benefit is the fact that they are much cheaper to run than other forms of exterior lighting.

We offer a no-obligation quote at very affordable prices. Contact us today to have an informal conversation about outdoor lighting solutions.


Our company does a lot of outdoor lighting work for commercial and industrial businesses. A break in can lead to serious problems for business owners. Your insurance premiums will rise significantly after every claim, apart from losing goods, vandalism, and property damage.

Your premises should have sufficient lighting, both as a deterrent and to fulfill your safety and health obligations.

Give us a call if you need your security lighting upgraded or to have it completely re-fitted with the latest technology.