Kitchen Electrical Service in Mansfield

Electrical Wiring in the Kitchen

A kitchen is defined as the space in which food will be prepared. In the past, it was a place for family meals to be prepared. However, today, this room serves many other purposes.

Evolution of Kitchen Design

Along with technological and sociological advances, the design of the modern kitchen has changed. In the 20th Century, the kitchen was primarily a place for the lady of house. The result was a kitchen that was efficient, organized, and kept clean.

Another shift occurred following WWII, due to the housing crisis of this time. The 1950’s kitchen gave rise to the modern integrated and open format. This design is combined with modern conveniences like appliances & adjustable lighting means that qualified electricians are needed.


The Integrated Kitchen

The kitchen is often the hub of gatherings in the home. Modern life is so busy that the kitchen must function as a living room as well as a place for meal preparation. The modern functional kitchen is a combination of a designated cooking space and casual dining. Here are a few examples from integrated kitchens that our team has wired. As you will see, the cooking space is open to the dining area and can be equipped with entertainment features, like a TV.

Microwaves and dishwashers are two of the most common appliances. Wiring separate cooktops, secondary ovens and wine chillers, as well as ice makers has been done. It may be necessary to upgrade the electrical service for new circuits that will allow these appliances to function, depending on what your household needs are. Below are images of some appliances we have included to upgrade existing kitchens.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of any kitchen. The same report that showed new appliances are very common in kitchen remodels and kitchen upgrades also pointed out similar trends in lighting. Over 50% of all kitchen renovations include three types or lighting.

  • Ambient lighting includes recessed, track, and chandelier lights.

  • For food preparation areas, task lighting is ideal with pendant lights or under-cabinet lights.

  • Accent lighting: To add visual interest, the same lights that are used for under cabinets can also be used inside cabinets.

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