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If you are considering installing a new central heating system in your home or replacing your old one, you might be tempted to go with gas-fired boilers or water-filled radiators over an electric central heating unit. The main reasons that most UK residents give about their choice is that electric heating units are expensive to run. But this is simply not true.

Given that gas boilers and water-filled radiators are difficult to program, they might end up leaving your house cold at the worst possible time. You should also consider the fact that over 5 million homes in the UK have no access to a mains gas supply while all homes in the country are connected to the electrical grid.

Central electrical heating units are suited for modern life in a modern home in the UK and more homeowners across the country are switching to it after realising the countless advantages that electric heating units have over gas boilers and water radiators.

Reasons For You To Switch To Electric Central Heating For Your Home

1. More Efficient

Unlike gas boilers that waste more than 10% of the heat, electric heating units convert 100% of the electricity drawn from the grid into heat with zero wastage. This makes them an efficient option for heating your house.

2. More Control

You can control the temperature of different rooms of your house with electric heating. This means that you can save money by only heating the rooms that have occupants in them. This is not the case for gas systems where you will have to power up the whole system even if you do not need to heat your whole house. This eventually leads to a lot of wastage.

3. Eco-Friendly

Electric heaters can be made even more efficient by combining them with solar panels, allowing you to greatly reduce your carbon footprint by heating your home using renewable energy.

Types Of Electric Heaters You Can Install In Your Home

Another advantage of switching to electric central heating units is that there is a wide variety to choose from. Some of the best picks are;

1. Electric Radiators

Electric radiators work by heating an element such as water or oil that is contained in metal structures within it. The heated element will then radiate heat out to your rooms. They are suitable for all-day use in your home and can be mounted onto a wall or be used as portable freestanding units.

2. Electric Panel Heaters

Electrical panel heaters are designed to serve as top-up heating units for spare rooms in your home. They are perfect for occasional use when you might have the need to rapidly heat up a room. They come with attachable feet making them easily portable.

3. Infrared Heaters

An Infrared heater warms objects or people in front of it by transferring heat directly to them in straight lines. Since Infrared heaters do not need to warm the surrounding air, they have the potential of being the most energy-efficient heating system for your home.

4. Storage Heaters

Storage heaters work by storing electricity at night when the tariffs are low and then gradually releasing the stored heat during the day. Modern versions will allow you to store heat in them whenever you need to.

If you would like to any of these electrical heaters installed in your home or office, we are just a call away. Even when they are faulty, you can still call us and we shall have a team come to your place to repair it.